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$10 for 10 Days

12 Spots Available

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How to Test MUFU?

$10 for 10 Days

You can spend 10 days in the MUFU gym checking whether we are worthy.

It will be perfect for some and not right for others. Come down and see if we are right for you!

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$60 per Week

Join the MUFU community - $60 per week - same as a single PT session :)

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Nathan Ryles

Founder and owner of MU | FU fitness Nathan wants to help the people of Radelaide improve - every day.

He, like all of us, has had some bumps in the road but he never stops - and he will help you do the same.

Nathan is a 5 time Ninja Warrior and has recently been judged as one of the Top 20 Trainers in The Advertiser.

Be trained by Nathan

10 Session Package

For those of you who want to experience what the local MU | FU Gym is like (or get a gift for someone else) - you can purchase sessions in packs of 10.

Explore the Gym and decide if it's right for you!

*10 Lesson Package | $24.90 per class |$249

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MU | FU Gym

"Mu" = Dream" | "Fu" = For You

Become a Member. $60 per week - less than a single PT session with a small group and one of the best PT's in SA.

There is no membership lock in. You can come and go as you please.

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LOCAL 4 local

MUFU Protein Shakes

The kitchen is just as important as the gym when improving your form.

We've pared up with our closest cafe "Pickle in the Middle" who offer anyone (including our members) the MU | FU Protein shake (Mach 1).

The perfect blend of nutrition and protein to help you follow a session with the perfect protein shake.

MU | FU Tee Shop

For those looking for a comfortable tee whilst branding our local gym we have put together a collection of Tees.

Thanks in advance from anyone who where's them.

All profit from tees goes to cancer research - something both founders have experienced.

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Locals 4 Locals

Thanks for Supporting our Local Business.

Without our local community we would be nothing.

Thank you!


120 Unley Rd, Unley

Regular Trading Hours:

Mon-Fri 5:15am - 8:30pm

Saturdays 8:30am - 11:30pm